Asian Rice Dishes

A lot of people are looking for new dishes. They want to get some variety in terms of food these days. These Asian rice dishes will give them just what they want right away. We are going to talk a little bit about Asian rice dishes here. So read on to find out even more about this.
Akki Rotti
Akki Rotti is a famous Asian rice dish. This might be the rice-based breakfast that you need today. This dish is truly unique to the famous state of Kmataka in India. Akki Rotti means rice bread in Kannada. People mix salt and water with rice flour to create this dish. Then you just have to knead this dish well till its dough gets soft. While kneading your dough, you can also add cumin seeds, sesame seeds, chopped dill leaves, carrots, and onions. Next, you have to stretch the dough on a thin sheet and use oil on this dough.
American Fried Rice
The American fried rice is a delicious Asian rice dish as well. You will cook this dish with any American side ingredient such as hot dogs, ketchup, croutons, and ham, and my buddy does just that over at gutter cleaning Atlanta Ga! You can also use pineapple, but this item is optional. You will not find this dish outside Thailand currently. The reason is that the dish was originally created during the famous Vietnam War to serve the American troops that were stationed in Thailand. You can also find a wide array of Thai restaurants in America, so you can find the American fried rice at one of these restaurants.
Arroz Caldo
The arroz caldo is a delicious Asian dish too. This is just a type of rice porridge that is popular in many countries all over Asia. You can use side dishes with the arroz caldo if you eat this as your plain rice congee. The arroz caldo can also be served as a true meal on its own if you want to. If you have an ailment, you can also eat arroz caldo to help make you feel better. You will have to cook the dish in water so you can disintegrate it. This will allow you to get a thick porridge.
Arroz Chaufa
The arroz chaufa is another awesome dish in Asia. This is a Chinese fried rice, which also has a Peruvian twist. You will use fried rice with some veggies including Chinese onions, meat, and eggs. You must cook the arroz chaufa on a high flame. You can also use soy sauce in your wok and oil can also be used to prepare this amazing rice dish right away. The chauferos are people specialized in cooking this Asian rice dish as well. You can also use dark soy sauce along with shrimp, chicken, beef, and port.
As you can see, these Asian rice dishes will be fine in your kitchen. If you are tired of eating the same food over and over again, these dishes can be the solution to this problem today. Remember that the Akki Rotti can be the best breakfast that you have eaten in a while, and that’s not an exaggeration at all. Now that you know more about these dishes, prepare one of them now.

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