Popular Asian food and drinks

The Most Popular Asian Food and Drinks

Asian countries are famous for their exotic dishes made with rare fish and amazing ingredients, which cannot be matched by those of any other culture. There are tons of zany dishes beloved all over Asia.

One of the most popular dishes Asia serves are fish balls. I heard one of my friends who is the best mover in Snellville  talk about this once, and I was like, what!? Made of ground fish and eaten on a stick, similar to a Kabob, fish balls are Asia’s equivalent of hot dogs. They can be found on most city street corners and can be served cooked, steamed, or fried. Fish balls are popular because they are so incredibly cheap. They’re the perfect treat for lunch break or quick dinner.

Another great Asian dish, Laksa, is incredibly common in many Asian countries. Laksa is a dish similar to a soup, filled with coconut and lemon grass and is a total explosion of flavor with each bite. Laksa’s main ingredients are thick noodles, coconut based soup, tofu or fish, and beans. Another great Asian dish are Spring rolls, so popular that they can even be found in most Asian restaurants in America. Spring rolls are made by frying a pastry filled with either raw or cooked meat.

One of the most exotic dishes served in Asian countries centers around blowfish. This may seem shocking because blowfish is famous for being incredibly poisonous. Master chefs prepare the fish to ensure that none of the poison remains in the fish, and blowfish are known for their incredible taste. With such a variety of dishes, the Asian culture has an endless assortment of amazing and tasty meals.

When it comes to beverages, Asia doesn’t disappoint. Because most of Asia loves tea, it’s not surprising that one of the most popular drinks is a tapioca tea smoothie. Made with fruit, cream, ice and tapioca bubbles, these fruity drinks are a great treat on hot days. China also has their own version of electrolyte water. C100 comes in a ton of different flavors like lemon and grapefruit. Many Asian countries also love Salt soda water. A carbonated drink with hints of lemon and mint, this soda has been around since the 1960s and was one of Asia’s most popular drinks before Coca Cola.

When it comes to alcohol, one of Asia’s best spirits is Sake, a rice wine made from the sugars of fermented fruit. Sake is a Japanese liquor made famous for its unique taste. Though many people believe that Sake is meant to be served warm, high quality Sake tastes its best when served nice and cold. Daiginjo Sakes are always the best quality because of the care taken with the rice before the wine is brewed. Daiginjo Sakes are incredibly smooth and complex, and are the best way to experience Sake at its finest. It is often said that Sake only pairs well with Sushi, but this wonderful rice wine can be paired with many different Asian dishes.

Asia’s culture has grown over thousands of years. This is probably why their recipes can often be complicated, but definitely have the perfect spice for their ingredients. Most Asian countries are known for their exotic tastes and exploration into new things. China and Japan are two of the most unique countries in the world, constantly innovating and adapting to the changes of everyday life. While exploring some of the tastes of Asian culture, these two are definitely worth looking into.

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